Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns
All orders shipped within the United States are rolled and sent via USPS Priority Mail in a mailing tube. To save international postage costs, orders sent outside the U.S. are shipped folded.
Shipping & Handling charges are based upon actual USPS rates.

Unfortunately, plans are not returnable. While we will endeavor to fulfill your order as accurately as possible, errors may occur. Please let us know immediately if you're not happy with your order by using the Contact Us form. We are active modelers ourselves, and fully appreciate that your satisfaction will help ensure our success.

Payment Info
We accept most popular credit cards via PayPal. You may also order with a check or money order, mailed to the below address. We can only accept checks and money orders drawn on US banks and in US funds, made payable to: Flying Aces Press, LLC. We do not recommend sending cash. Allow 14 business days for delivery. Prices supersede prior prices. Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

Postal orders should include your name and mailing address, as well as your phone number or email address in case we have any questions.
Please identify the plans you wish to purchase by plan number and design name.

CT residents only should also add 6.35% sales tax.

Orders may be mailed to:
Flying Models Plans
60 Newtown Road, #71
Danbury, CT 06810

For questions, please contact us by clicking here.
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We Accept
2 x Art Chester Special
1 x Laird Super Solution
2 x Big Quickie
3 x 1919 Butterfly
2 x Blanik L-13
1 x Sorrell Hiperbipe
3 x Shorts SD 3-30 Commuterliner
3 x 98.6 Soarer
1 x Different Stroke
2 x Scheldt Gull
1 x Desperado
2 x Half Mach
2 x Bommel
2 x TravelAir 2000
3 x BKB-1 Glider
2 x Bishop
1 x B-25 Mitchell
1 x Auster J5F Aiglet
1 x Bellanca Skyrocket
1 x Force 5
1 x 20/20
1 x Blohm & Voss P.179
1 x Avro Lancaster
1 x Fairchild 22
2 x Akro-Bat
1 x Banzai Machine Mk.II
2 x Ochroma Pyramidale
1 x General Aristocrat
3 x Lead Zeppelin
2 x 110-Percent Viking
2 x Inland Sport R-400
1 x Cessna 180 Skywagon XL
2 x Atom
1 x Kerswap 490
3 x Face Saver
2 x Curtiss Condor T-32
1 x Bristol Beaufighter
2 x All American PHD
1 x Eyesore
1 x Canova PC-140
1 x Flying Aces Stick
1 x Snyder-McReady Baby Bomber
1 x Desperation
1 x Druine Turbulent
1 x Texaco Dallaire, 1/2A
1 x Schmaedig Flying Stick
1 x BICh-7A
1 x Gob
1 x DiscUSKid
1 x Black Tiger
1 x Stearman
1 x Junar
1 x Mosquito Twin
1 x Twin Lizzie 2+
1 x Sorrell SNS-2 Guppy
1 x Aura
1 x Grumman Widgeon - 30 in.
1 x Coronet
1 x Atomizer
1 x Cessna 170
1 x Acrohawk
1 x 34 FN
1 x La Mila
1 x General Aristocrat - D. Rees
1 x C-130 Hercules
1 x Oink
1 x Coyote
1 x Sopwith Triplane
1 x Cub Coupe
1 x DeHavilland DH-6
1 x Ballerina III
1 x Backlash
1 x Rambler 1/2A
1 x Frugal Phantom
1 x Aluminum Gliders
1 x Arcturus
1 x Aeronca C-1 Scout
1 x Low-Cal P-39
1 x Boomer Bum
1 x Kerswap
1 x Gee Bee Model Y Sportster
2 x Baby Bombshell
1 x Nicholas Beasley NB-3
1 x Polikarpov I-16
1 x Gordon Israels Redhead
1 x Juno 60
1 x Hypodermic Nerdel
1 x Piper Cherokee
1 x Heckizzit
1 x Trislander
1 x BF. 109F Fritz
1 x Impact
1 x Europa
1 x Sunshine
1 x Soar Sam
1 x Buster
1 x Prairie Duster Bipe
1 x PBY Catalina
1 x A-10 Warthog
1 x Whirl Bird
1 x Gambit
1 x De Havilland DH-5
1 x PT-17 Stearman
1 x Mojave A/2 Nordic
1 x Poacher
1 x Airco DH-5
1 x Chance Vought Kingfisher
1 x Chevelle
1 x Bell P-39 Aircobra
1 x Half Sized Scram
1 x Ercoupe
1 x Cyclone Fox Racer
1 x EZ-1
1 x Athena
1 x OS2U-1 Kingfisher
1 x Bellanca Scout
1 x Fokker 100
1 x Aerobatic Airocobra
1 x Cochise
1 x Lockheed Wasp-Vega 5
1 x Barling NB-3
1 x Vari-Eze
1 x Bi-Slob
1 x Challenger
84 x Aeronca C-2
1 x Alexander Eaglerock Bullet