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Bearospace Gaff Cutter 'FLYER'

Bearospace Gaff Cutter \'FLYER\'
Inspired by traditional English pilot cutters from the working days of sail, FLYER is the latest addition to Gary Webb's popular lineup of easy-building RC sailboats.

Pilot cutters were known as fast and seaworthy, and have long been admired by sailors all over the world. Gaff-rigged cutters were hard working craft able to sail in any weather, and were in service for approximately 70 years, from about 1850 - 1920. Their primary job was to sail out and meet incoming ships to place a pilot aboard, who would then guide the ship to a safe landfall.

FLYER is a true gaff cutter complete with topsails, and displays the full character of these legendary boats. This model is designed for the DIY scratch builder with simple plywood-over-bulkhead construction, and realistic details to form her traditional character. Building this model will exercise a variety of skills, making her a great learning experience for the beginner, yet remaining a satisfying for the experienced modeler.

Several original English pilot cutters have been rebuilt or restored, and are still sailing today. Wooden replicas have also been built in recent years by dedicated folks who are making sure these traditional skills are not forgotten. Cheers to the old-time sailors, and those who keep these fine craft afloat today, whether they sail them from aboard, or on shore!

When finished, FLYER is attractive and robust, and a real boat in every way. You may choose to sail with or without topsails set when it’s time to get underway, but must still tend the overlapping headsails at every tack. This added element brings an exciting new level of ‘hands on’ sailing for the RC skipper. Rigging and controlling the headsails is fully detailed on the plans.

Length Overall: 147.3 cm / 58 in.
Length on Deck: 109.2 cm / 43 in.
Length Waterline: 96.5 cm / 38 in.
Beam: 32.4 cm / 12.75 in.
Draft: 46 cm / 18 in.
Displacement: 8.2 kg / 18 lbs.
Sail area: 7613 sq cm / 1180 sq. in.
Height above water: 117.5 cm / 46.25 in.

We have combined Gary's seven original drawings onto three larger sheets for more efficient printing. If you wish to preserve the plans while you build, the Flyer Template Package includes a fourth sheet with additional copies of all full size templates.

Discounts are available when purchasing more than one Bearospace plan at a time. Use the Contact Us form for a quote.

The SailTails YouTube channel features numerous videos about building & sailing the Bearospace boats, including one specifically about building 'FLYER'.
Additional information is also available at the Bearospace Industries web site, and the RC Groups forum threads dedicated individually to Annie, Emma, Flyer, and Irene. Finished sails are available from respected model yacht sailmaker Rod Carr. See for details.

Bearospace Industries and Flying Models have partnered to bring you physical paper plans for building the Bearospace designs. Digital plans remain available from Bearospace.

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