Moraine Saulnier Model N Short Kit

Moraine Saulnier Model N Short Kit
We are pleased to announce another short kit, Nick Ziroli's 53-inch Morane Saulnier Model N, as featured in the October 1967 issue of Flying Models. This sport scale version of the classic 1915 WWI monoplane fighter is a practical, everyday flyer. Designed for 3 channels, but ailerons can be readily added for full 4-channel control. Below are a few notes about this offering.

Plan ID: CF097SK
Designer: Ziroli, Nick
Span: 53 in.
Engine: 0.35
Issue: 10/67


Short Kit includes ...
1/8 balsa wing ribs, formers, and assorted fuselage pieces.
1/8 ply formers and spar joiners.
Mat board templates for tail surfaces and windscreen.
Plans, showing both wing panels.

As originally designed, the Model N parts are to be cut primarily from 1/8 balsa sheet and birch plywood, and the stock short kits reflect that. We believe these designs predate the introduction of light ply to our hobby, which could be substituted in some places. This would help save some weight, especially for those planning to use electric power. We can also cut the ribs from thinner stock if you prefer. Please let us know if you would like to discuss this option.

The balsa and any light ply parts will be laser cut. Birch plywood parts over 1/16 inch thick are milled using a CNC-guided milling machine.

Note that the short kit also includes templates, laser cut from artist's mat board. Some pieces, such as the fin are simply wider than readily available balsa stock. The most cost-effective way to cut those parts is from stock that is pieced together where appropriate. Additionally, solid sheet tail surfaces are always weight critical. Providing templates allows modelers to make those important wood choices for themselves, rather than paying us to do so. Some modelers may also prefer doing built up structures, to save more weight.

Mat board functions well as template stock. It is much thicker than commonly used plastic materials, and the surface is not nearly so slippery when held against your balsa sheet. You will also get a cleaner part where thicker stock is needed. Laser cutters inevitably bevel the edges a bit, most noticeably with thicker balsa. The increased burn from the higher power setting required by thicker stock exacerbates this.

Please let us know if you have any other questions, comments or suggestions for this and other short kits, using the Contact Us link to the left.

Thayer Syme

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