Dihedral Gauges, Black Walnut Pair

Dihedral Gauges, Black Walnut Pair
Carefully crafted from select native New England hardwoods and custom machined brass, these dihedral gauges are unapologetically extravagant, yet eminently functional.

The gauges are available in Black Walnut, American Cherry and Tiger Maple, finished with semigloss lacquer, and designed to last a lifetime. We will engrave your name or a custom message upon request without additional charge, making them a perfect gift for any craftsman who appreciates using fine tools to properly complete a task.

Suitable when joining wings for most projects, these gauges are infinitely adjustable from 1/4 inch to 6 inches. Our optional metric scale allows measurements from 6 to 150mm and can be added to any gauge, as shown with the Walnut example. The nib on each arm helps ensure that you don't accidentally drop a wing panel. It is 1/8 inch (3mm) tall, offering a known reference point for sheeted wings or when cradling a specific rib might prove challenging.

These gauges are intended for use with magnetic building boards, with two rare earth magnets embedded in the base. The base can be drilled upon request for securing to a conventional building board with standard T-pins.

Builders preferring a pair of gauges will appreciate discounted pricing, and pairs need not be matched.
Please contact us to discuss custom engraving, mixed pairings and other options.

The following links allow direct navigation between our standard options.
Black Walnut - Black Walnut, pair
American Cherry - American Cherry, pair
Tiger Maple - Tiger Maple, pair

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