Gemini V2 Template Pack

Gemini V2 Template Pack
Gemini V2 is an efficient, high performance aircraft designed for RC sport flying, as well as FPV work and autonomous aerial mapping. It was designed with docile, forgiving flight characteristics as a long endurance platform, optimized to lift relatively large payloads, and carry them to high altitudes, over long distances, or a combination of both. These capabilities have been tempered with gentle stall characteristics and stable handling. Gemini features positive stability about all axis, ensuring that it will track in a very straight line once trimmed, making long flights a pleasure, and minimizing pilot fatigue. The traditional wood airframe is easy to build and maintain.

These plans include the primary 6 sheet set, as well as duplicates of the 4 sheets showing full size templates.
Gemini V2 Base Plan Set
Click here for plans and a link to the laser cut kit from Flying Squirrel Models.

More information about the Gemini is available on the Bearospace Industries web site.
Several videos showcasing Gemini are available on the FPV Reviews YouTube channel.
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