Electric Kitten Short Kit

Electric Kitten Short Kit
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Designed by Fred Reese, the Electric Kitten is an easy-building park flyer with pussycat handling. It can be flown from grass strips with wheels, or from a small pond with floats. Originally designed for a brushed S400 motor, gear drive and nicad batteries, this all-wood, 3-channel model weighs about 18 ounces on wheels, and another few ounces with floats. A modern brushless/lipo power system shaves a few ounces from those numbers.

The Electric Kitten is one of the most delightful calm air flyers we have experienced, and we want to encourage more people to build one. Toward that goal, we are now offering it as our first short kit with laser cut balsa and plywood parts. The kit also includes a few laser cut mat board pieces for the cowl assembly crutch, as well as a template for hand cutting the float sides to actual size.

"Why the template," you ask? Quite simply, we know that not everyone will build floats for their Electric Kitten, so it doesn't make sense to increase the price of the kit to include wood that a good percentage of people will not use. The floats require 4 full sheets of balsa, so the savings are significant.

The template also allows you to hand pick the wood for your floats. Just place the template on a sheet of 1/16 balsa and trace around it with your favorite hobby knife. This template is exclusive to the short kit, and is not included when purchasing either of the plans and template sets, linked below. While supplies last, we will also include the Feb. 2001 back issue that features the Electric Kitten construction article.

Plans on 2 sheets, showing both wing panels and float details.
Plans and template set.
Plans and templates, with the February 2001 back issue.
Custom motor mount for use with both the Himax 2812-850 and AXI 2208/34 motors.

View building notes and more photos.
View the Materials and Supplies list for completing your Electric Kitten.

Click here to see our Electric Kitten in action.
A second video is available here.

Plan ID: CD129SK
Designer: Reese, Fred
Span: 50 in
Engine: Electric, 50-100 watts
Issue: 02/01
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