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Bearospace Schooner Annie

Bearospace Schooner Annie
Annie the Fast Cargo Schooner is a semi-scale portrayal of a typical cargo schooner from the early 20th century. Gary Webb offers Annie as an easy-building, sailing vessel for radio control, ideal for first time builders. Her design was commissioned by the desire for a faster cargo schooner that retains a traditional eye-pleasing appearance, good manners on the water, and is easy to build. And as is often the case, Gary simply wanted the fastest boat at the pond.

Annie is longer, leaner, and lighter than his earlier schooner Irene. She's more modern perhaps, without bowsprit or bumkin, and "racier", with her taller rig, lighter spars, and boom vangs. Gary minimized some of Irene's scale-like details for a cleaner deck layout, leaving fewer protuberances to catch an errant toe in a moment of hasty inattention. That said, you are more than welcome to include details as suits your fancy.

So, is Annie really the fastest boat at the pond? Honestly, it depends on who shows up that day. She is, after all, a cargo schooner. Annie is a bit faster than Irene, but only a little bit! Annie is a beauty, and handles like a dream, allowing time to admire your handiwork and her classic lines.

Annie is 58 inches long overall, the limit to fit into Gary's car! She features his favored plywood over bulkhead construction, and requires no special building jigs or forms. Plans include 6 sheets, with full size templates, and instructions detailing hull assembly, radio control system installation, spars & rigging, keel bulb casting, and more. Her rig is easily installed and readily removed, for quick setup and convenient storage, as is her removable, ballasted keel.

Building Annie exercises a variety of skills, making this a great learning project for the novice modeler, and a satisfying project for the experienced builder. The finished model is attractive and robust, a real boat in every way. And as builder and captain, it is your responsibility to paint her the colors of your choice and give her a proper name.

Length overall: 147.3 cm / 58 in.
Length Waterline: 109 cm / 43 in.
Beam: 33cm / 13 in.
Draft: 46 cm / 18 in.
Displacement: 19 kg / 20 lbs.
Sail area: 6258 sq cm / 970 sq. in.
Height above water: 128.3 cm / 50.5 in.

If you prefer to have spares, the Annie Template Package includes second copies of the full size template sheets.

The following links offer discounts when purchasing more than one Bearospace plan at a time.
Schooner Annie & Sloop Emma - Annie & Emma with templates
Schooners Annie & Irene - Annie & Irene with templates
Sloop Emma & Schooner Irene - Emma & Irene with templates
Annie, Emma & Irene - All 3 plan sets with templates

The SailTails YouTube channel features numerous videos about building & sailing the Bearospace boats.
Additional information is also available at the Bearospace Industries web site, and the RC Groups forum threads dedicated individually to Annie, Emma, Flyer, and Irene. Finished sails are available from respected model yacht sailmaker Rod Carr. See for details.

Bearospace Industries and Flying Models have partnered to bring you physical paper plans for building the Bearospace designs. Digital plans remain available from Bearospace.
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