Albatros B1

Albatros B1
Based on an original 1/2A model designed and built by US Scale Masters Champion David Johnson when he was just 9, this plan builds into a delightful lightweight electric flyer, perfect for your local ball field.

Options shown include one-piece construction or removable wings, pushrods or pull-pull controls, cub-ish or scale tail surfaces, built-up or laminated outlines, and even floats, for more fun at small ponds. Thoroughly detailed on two oversized sheets so you can pick and choose your own preferred options.

For those who prefer not to cut out parts, a laser cut short kit is also available. Click here for details.
We also offer an optional dummy engine kit.

More photos and additional information can be found at Gryffinaero.com.

Plan ID: FA104
Designers: Johnson, David & Syme, Thayer
Span: 35.5 in.
Engine: Rimfire 250 or similar 50-watt electric system
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