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1 x Aluminum Gliders
3 x Electric Kitten Short Kit
4 x Hotair
2 x Slo Fly
1 x Plugger
2 x 34 FN
2 x Clipper
1 x Cessna 170
2 x Ace Three Ten
2 x .Bearospace Schooner Annie with Templates
2 x Easy Wind
1 x Bristol Beaufighter
2 x Madge Flying Boat
1 x De Havilland DH86 Express
2 x Different Stroke
1 x A6M3 Zero-Sen
2 x .Bearospace Gaff Cutter 'FLYER'
2 x Acrohawk
2 x Unsinkable Floats
1 x Hypodermic Nerdel
1 x 76 Special
1 x Castaway
1 x Gambit
1 x Foamy
1 x Face Saver
1 x Akro-Knat
1 x American Crow
1 x .Bearospace Schooner Irene with Templates
1 x Aero Cruiser
1 x Enilwot
1 x Akro Special
1 x Boomer Bum
1 x 1992 U-8 Tide
1 x All Purpose Wiz
1 x Gob
1 x Bearospace Emma & Irene Combo with Templates
1 x Accelerator
1 x Airknocker
1 x Ez-Vee
1 x 20/20
1 x Grey Ghost
1 x Artemis
1 x .Bearospace Sloop Emma
1 x Lead Zeppelin
1 x Assassin
1 x Aeroflash 40
1 x Aquiduct 40
1 x Cochise
1 x 1/2A Ten
1 x .Bearospace Schooner Annie
1 x Bearospace Emma & Irene Combo
1 x 1/2A Sure Shark
1 x Aeriole
1 x La Mila
1 x Desperation
1 x 1911 Flying Machine
1 x Athena
1 x Deep Vee Day Cruiser
1 x .Bearospace Schooner Irene
1 x Mojave A/2 Nordic
1 x E. Phyllis 2
1 x BadaBing
1 x .Bearospace Sloop Emma with Templates
1 x Heckizzit
1 x Banshee
1 x B.I.R.D. Special
1 x Ochroma Pyramidale
1 x DiscUSKid
1 x Amy One-Design Sailboat
1 x Banzai Machine Mk.II
1 x FM Airboat
1 x Bantam Kobra
1 x Backlash
2 x Towne Pump Special
2 x A-12 Shrike
2 x 1911 Deperdussin "B"
1 x American Eagle Biplane
1 x Wedgie & El Bat
1 x Alexander Eaglerock Bullet
1 x Be-Witched
1 x Snyder-McReady Baby Bomber
1 x Big Job
1 x Hammer 40 Short Kit, Sarpolus
1 x Coronet
2 x Bong Boomer
1 x Flea Flight
1 x F4U Corsair
1 x Bishop
1 x TRI-F.A.I.
1 x Allen A-4
1 x Electric Tern
1 x Sopwith Swallow
1 x Rotorliner
1 x Berliner Joyce XFJ-2
1 x H-4 Hercules Spruce Goose
1 x Kerswap
1 x Field Kit
1 x Bearcat & Zero
1 x Caudron C.714 Cyclone
1 x Canadair CL-415
1 x Boeing 314 Clipper
1 x Boom Boom
1 x Cyclone Fox Racer
1 x Eagle X/L
1 x Ambrosini 207
1 x Aah-Sum
1 x Hysteria 1000
1 x Curtiss Hawk 75
1 x Scheldt Gull
1 x Gyroliner
1 x A-10 Warthog
1 x 1/2A Fierce Arrow
1 x Dasher
1 x Curtiss CR-2
1 x Nomad
1 x Moraine Saulnier Model N Short Kit
1 x Cloud Dancer
1 x CAP 21
1 x Boomer
1 x Yogi Minus
1 x AJ 404 Interceptor
1 x Grumman Wildcat Retracts
1 x Fantasy
1 x Astarte
1 x C-130.5 Twin Hercules
1 x Lockheed Wasp-Vega 5
1 x Peregrine Jr.
1 x Jetaway
1 x 1/2A Grassroots
1 x Bernard HV-220
1 x Bearospace Annie & Flyer Combo with Templates
1 x Aura
2 x Electric Kitten, w/Templates
2 x Caudron C.630 Simoun
1 x Aerobatic Airocobra
1 x Bearospace Emma, Flyer & Irene Combo with Templates
1 x Panther
1 x Miss Dara Short Kit, A. Brickhaus
1 x Chicagolander
1 x Bellanca Light Tractor Biplane
1 x Blohm & Voss P.179
1 x Simple Vacuum Forming Table
2 x A-26 Invader
1 x Agro-Turbo
1 x Little Big I
1 x PBY Catalina
1 x Beau Coupe
1 x Invader
1 x C Neck Myth
1 x Hybird
1 x Cavalier
1 x Beechcraft Staggerwing
1 x Blue Bomber
1 x Illusion
1 x De Havilland Hornet
1 x Elexaco Shtick
1 x Raven
2 x Torquette
1 x Borg Parrakeet
1 x Grumman Widgeon - 40.5 in.
1 x Dornier DO-18K1
1 x Breezy Junior
1 x Big Pussycat & Akro Combo
1 x A Short Kit FAQ
1 x Rambler 1/2A
1 x Trislander
1 x Piper Saratoga
1 x 110-Percent Viking
1 x Flyers Dream
1 x Aeronca C-2
1 x Bearospace Annie, Emma, Flyer & Irene Combo with Templates
1 x Eastern States Champion
1 x Laird Super Solution
1 x Douglas Destroyer
1 x Twin Lizzie 2 - Short Kit
1 x Petes Dream
1 x 20-40-60 Foam Core Floats
1 x Big Quickie
1 x Coyote
1 x Sorrell Hiperbipe
1 x Floats for Larger Models
1 x Doodlebug
1 x Grumman Widgeon
1 x Fubar
1 x Fokker 100
2 x Gaggler
1 x FoamCHIPS
1 x F-14 Tomcat
1 x Cessna 208 Caravan
1 x Electric Cut
1 x Bluebird-E
1 x Deerfly
1 x Baby R.O.G.
1 x 30s Sportster
1 x Dalotel DM-165
1 x Arrow
1 x Curtiss R3C-1 Racer
1 x 3D Dyke Delta
1 x Curtiss JN-4 Jenny
1 x Electric Hammer
2 x EMF
1 x De Havilland DH-89 Dragon Rapide
1 x F4U Corsair Stunter
1 x Dakoteezer & Ultimeezer
1 x Could Be II
1 x A-20G Havoc
1 x Der Jager
1 x Electric Kitten, w/Back Issue & Templates
1 x Edo Floats
3 x RS Special II
1 x Compact Field Box
1 x Out of Doors Indoor Model
1 x Wing Incidence Indicator
1 x Micro Jet
1 x Flite Line Caddy
1 x Astro Sport Floats
1 x Bikini Field Kit
1 x LOiseau
1 x Farman 1920 Moto Aviette
1 x Hansa-Brandenburg CC
1 x De Havilland DH-10
1 x Dihedral Gauges, Tiger Maple Pair
1 x Saab 29B Tunnan
1 x Macchi M5
1 x Tiger Mirage
1 x Sopwith Triplane
1 x Kookaburra
1 x Cessna 180 Floats only
1 x Goldwing Ultralight
1 x San De Hogan
1 x B-36 Peacemaker
1 x Dihedral Gauge, Tiger Maple
1 x Colibri MB-2
1 x Stinson Junior Model S.
1 x Mosquito Twin
1 x Super Sky-Rocket B
1 x Mako Monster
1 x TravelAir 2000
1 x Lake Buccaneer
1 x Republic Seabee
1 x Miss Philly IV
1 x Albatros Taube Biplane
1 x DeHavilland DH-6
1 x Ensign
1 x Grumman Widgeon - 30 in.
1 x Falconar Teal
1 x Shorts SD 3-30 Commuterliner
1 x Cessna 180 Skywagon XL
1 x Scrappy
1 x Barnwell Monoplane
1 x Speckled Birp
1 x Moray Monster
1 x Art Chester Special
1 x Prairie Duster Bipe
1 x Sorrell SNS-2 Guppy
1 x Valkyrie Model A No. 1
1 x My Hopie
1 x MiG-15
1 x Albatros Engine kit
1 x 1919 Butterfly
1 x Howard DGA-3 Pete
1 x Eyesore
2 x Bommel
1 x Dancer
1 x BKB-1 Glider
1 x Desperado
2 x Free Spirit
1 x 98.6 Soarer
1 x Carousel
1 x Ant-25
1 x Force 5
3 x Blanik L-13
2 x F-9F Panther
1 x Arup
3 x American Eagle Eaglet
1 x Aeronca C-1 Scout
3 x Alexander Flyabout
2 x Aeronca Champ
1 x 1938 Porterfield Zephyr
1 x AT-6 Texan
2 x 1930s Classic
2 x Almost An Ultimate
2 x AT-6 Harvard
1 x A.V. Roe Biplane
1 x Aeronca Champ
1 x Aeronca L
1 x Alpavia RF-3
1 x A-6 Intruder
2 x Oink
1 x Enforcer DF Conversion
1 x B-25 Mitchell
1 x B-17 Flying Fortress & PBY Catalina
1 x Bucker Jungmeister
1 x 1978, January - FM Back Issue
1 x Great Lakes Trainer
1 x Bellanca Skyrocket
1 x 1977, June - FM Back Issue
2 x Grumman F4F Wildcat Combo
1 x Control Line Model Aircraft, Dick Sarpolus
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1 x Avanti
1 x Foaming Around, Harry Higley
1 x Model Aircraft Aerodynamics, Martin Simons
1 x Schmaedig Flying Stick
1 x Chevelle
1 x F-4U Corsair
1 x F1 Racing Combo